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The Company

ACRILATOS was founded in 2000 with the sole purpose of supplying deflocculants (also known as fluidizers or dispersants) to the local ceramic industry. Considering up to 90% of the Spanish production of ceramic floors and walls is concentrated in the province of Castellón, the location of ACRILATOS was a key point for its growth. The closeness to our potential customers allowed us to offer them a personal and constant attention, and also high-quality products at competitive prices.

Today, ACRILATOS is one of the leading Spanish companies producing and distributing silicates, and the first one developing and producing deflocculants for ceramic slurries.

In time, ACRILATOS has begun to diversify its activities, and today we also offer our services to the industries of paintings and detergents, developing and producing dispersants, binders, and other additives.

In the last few years, ACRILATOS has undertaken an expansion process, both national and internationally. ACRILATOS already has business with several ceramic-producing countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, UAE, Algeria, Morocco or Egypt, and we also deal with detergency or painting companies in UK, Germany, France, Israel and Central America.

We keep on with the expansion process, and with honesty and hard work ACRILATOS is hoping to become a worldwide referent of chemical companies.


In addition to Spain, ACRILATOS, is already present t in several countries, as Arab Emirates, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Russia, China, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia or Brazil.