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The key stone to ACRILATOS is SPECIALIZATION. Be it when developing deflocculants, dispersants, binders, or other additives, whether it is for ceramics or others, we always keep in mind the uniqueness of our costumer.

In ACRILATOS we design each single product so it turns out the optimal one for our customer, always adapted to their special needs and characteristics. Thus, we are able to guarantee an optimized product, both economically and in its performance.

Our production process begins with an exhaustive study of our customer’s conditions. For deflocculant development, we subject the body clay to every possible test in order to determine which will be the optimal deflocculant. Our tech-staff has available state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of chemicals in order to do so.

We follow the same philosophy when we develop products for other industries, such as paintings and glazes, paper and carton, detergents and wastewater treatment. Every single one of our product for each one of their purposes are developed and produced with the maximum care and thought.

Moreover, ACRILATOS is a company that commits both to social realty and environment. Thus, both our products and our production processes accomplish all the current regulations for safety and contamination. The ISO certificates endorse us as environment-friendly company that also cares for security, both for our clients and employees.

We believe that working hard today, we will build a better tomorrow.

Working hard today, we will create a better tomorrow. WE STAND OUT because we CARE